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The Holiday Spirit

What exactly IS the holiday spirit nowadays? If the last few times I’ve ventured out into the world are any indication, it’s being a rude selfish prick. Jesus would be so proud he might crucify a few assholes himself.

The new Star Wars movie has grossed $250 million on it’s first day, and many internet trolls are trying to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. Must be that holiday spirit again.

Jeb Bush in an interview stated that Donald Trump is “Just a jerk.” I prefer to be more politically correct. I’ll just say Trump has holiday spirit all year long.

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How to apologize, yes….really.

Apologizing for dummies.

Who the hell would need this, you ask? Well in my experience, a great deal of the population. People suck, and often the first response of people to realizing they fucked up is a child-like attack on the “victim” and/or random innocents.  Needless to say, misdirected rage over your own stupidity doesn’t an apology make.

You’ve likely experienced it, or even done it yourself. For example, ever have someone go through a stop sign and you evade them and when you honk they rage at you like you just handed out live grenades to their children for trick or treat? Yeah, that.

Admitting they’re wrong is THAT hard for some people. They would rather escalate it, possibly even to violence and look even more moronic. So much for the challenge of improving yourself.

This is poorly written and lengthy, but keep in mind this general practice has worked for me essentially 100% of the time.

So, here we go. A quick guide to not being a jackass….