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The Holiday Spirit

What exactly IS the holiday spirit nowadays? If the last few times I’ve ventured out into the world are any indication, it’s being a rude selfish prick. Jesus would be so proud he might crucify a few assholes himself.

The new Star Wars movie has grossed $250 million on it’s first day, and many internet trolls are trying to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. Must be that holiday spirit again.

Jeb Bush in an interview stated that Donald Trump is “Just a jerk.” I prefer to be more politically correct. I’ll just say Trump has holiday spirit all year long.

Are you a horror fan? If so, you should go take a look at my buddy’s new site. If you don’t, when I die I will haunt you and turn your shower to full cold just before your masturbating provides a result. Visit¬†Horror Prophet. Now.

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Beautiful Tomcat Clips

Now, for no reason other than the fact that I love them………….here’s an awesome clip of Tomcats.

It was made by one of the last squadrons on the last deployment. Some awesome stuff. No real violence in this clip btw, so don’t worry.

It’s also the source of my favorite F-14 GIF.

f14 gif







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More is better.

This site is really just a test and playground for me at the moment. There really is no point to any of it.

But hey, that doesn’t mean there can’t be awesome Tomcat footage!